Shape, strength, creativity, sustainability…

Composite cans, tubes and cylinders run circles around any standard carton.

Shape matters

Great for a variety of specialist products

The cylindrical shape is ideal for products such as bottles, candles, jars and more.

Designed for comfort

Tubes are easier to hold and to open. All your customer has to do is simply pop off the lid.

Stand out style

Bespoke design tubes stand out from the crowd and spark curiosity. Even the most simple design can transform cardboard tubes into captivating packaging which reinforces the quality of your product, whether that’s in-store or at home.

Superior strength

Heavy lifters

Our tubes can hold a significant amount of weight. Some large whiskey bottles weigh more than 2kg.

Impact resistance

Through the inherent strength of a circle, tubes have a higher impact resistance compared to other methods of packaging, leaving them looking premium for longer and better protecting your product.

Tried and tested

The tube acts as a column, a tried and tested architectural structure for millennia. Our tubes have a high resistance to vertical crushing.

A creative advantage over your competition

Uniquely yours

Print your own unique design onto the tube. Creativity is your only limit.

Push the senses

Compel your customers to reach out and touch your products by adding texture to your packaging. Choose from metallic foil blocking, gloss varnish, embossing or debossing for additional sensory triggers to wow your customers.

Choose your finish

Complete your look with a matt, gloss or soft-touch finish label. Select a varnish or lamination to deliver premium packaging to drive sales.

Inside and out

Give your packaging some inner beauty with an inside liner design that adds character and detail. Choose a solid colour or a mix of two together to create any design.

A sustainable solution

Our tubes are made using recycled materials. Anything we produce that is not made from recycled material comes from FSC accredited manufacturers.

All of the packaging we produce is easily recycled and with our curled end and disc options we offer solutions that don’t require separation prior to recycling.

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