There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to cardboard tubes. Choose from three different container designs with a range of finishes and closures available.

Tube options

Encircle offers three different tube designs for your products.

Standard Single Container

The standard paperboard container design. A single tube with a base and a lid at one end.

Two-part Container

A two-part design for increased strength and a premium top-shelf feel. Each part has a base and lid and slides into each other over the internal shoulder (spigot), giving a satisfying, crafted appeal to the package.

Telescopic Container

A premium double-walled design for the highest level of protection with an exciting element of theatre upon opening. The product is packaged within an inner tube and the outer tube is placed over the top to form a closure.

Finishes and Features

At Encircle, we believe that truly brilliant packaging should not only look premium but feel it too. Captivate your customers by adding textures and finishes to really leave a lasting impression and drive sales. Choose from the following finishes and features:



This finish has the lowest level of sheen and helps provide an understated look and feel to your tube packaging. A matt finish offers the perfect cylindrical canvas for embossing or foil blocking.



A gloss finish gives your tube packaging a dynamic, attractive sheen that demands attention. It’s guaranteed to give your product a premium feel.



A leatherette finish aims to imitate the texture and appearance of real leather. Expect your product packaging to have a standout style and a truly unique touch.


Soft Touch

Give your packaging a velvety feel with soft-touch lamination. This finish will distinguish your product from the rest with a noticeable difference from other finishes.


Foil blocking

Typically in gold or silver, but we can offer a full range of metallic colours. This feature can be used to give stand-out sparkle and a sense of luxury.



This technique lifts logos and other design elements for a style that literally stands out. This 3D effect offers a great feel to the packaging and enhances its perceived value. Never underestimate the power of touch.



In contrast, debossing isolates a particular feature such as text and creates an indent in the packaging. This gives your packaging dimensional depth and a luxury feel.

Closures and Lids

Finally, each container needs a closure or lid. Select from the following options:


The most environmentally-friendly solution because the entire package can be recycled in a single waste-stream. The ends of the container are curled and a cardboard disc is secured in place. This gives the container a very neat and crafted look.


Metal ends and lids (typically gold, silver or black) give the container style and strength –  best suited for premium products and presentation tubes. A seamed metal end creates a permanent seal. Embossing lids with custom designs is also possible.


Provides the most cost effective closure system and is available in a range of sizes and colours. For a more permanent closure, caps can be stapled or riveted.