“They worked with us, helping and advising on the best options, until we arrived at what we believe to be a perfect solution! ”

Ian Gair, Yummy Yank

Bring your packaging to life in a simple four step process.


Decide on the tube option

Pick the option that best matches your product and brand.

Single Tube Two Part Tube Telescopic Tube

The standard paperboard container design. A single tube with a base and a lid at one end.


Next: Two Part Tube

A two-part design for increased strength and a premium top-shelf feel. Each part has a base and lid and slides into each other over the internal shoulder ( spigot), giving a satisfying, crafted appeal to the package.

Next: Telescopic Tube

A premium double-walled design for the highest level of protection with an exciting element of theatre upon opening. The product is packaged within an inner tube and the outer tube is placed over the top to form a closure.


Choose the inside finish

This could be plain, black, white, bespoke colour or a custom design of your choice.


Develop the outer design

This is the exciting part. Remember, your creativity is your only limit. When creating your eye-catching designs, be sure to factor in the cylindrical shape of the packaging and cover the entire tube surface. Now’s the time to decide on label finishes and features.


Label FinishYour Finish FeaturesYour Features

Printed Label

Your printed label helps customers identify your brand. Therefore, your design and finish should be in harmony with the product packaged within.

Next: Finish

Select the Finish

Truly brilliant packaging doesn’t just catch the eye. It appeals to the sense of touch. With a range of textured substrates to choose from, you can achieve this too. Choose from a leather-feel, soft-touch, matt or gloss.

Next: Features

Select the Features

Features help elements of your design to stand out, such as logos or text.

  • Choose foil blocking for an effective premium feel to any container. Typically in gold or silver.
  • Choose embossing to lift your logo or design elements and present a 3D finish.
  • Choose debossing to isolate a particular feature (eg. a gold foiled round seal) and create a premium finish.

Decide on the tube closure

Choose from 3 different closure or lid options for your packaging.

Cardboard Metal Plastic


The most environmentally-friendly solution because the entire package can be recycled in a single waste-stream. The ends of the container are curled and a cardboard disc is secured in place. This gives the container a very neat and crafted look.

Next: Metal


Metal ends and lids (typically gold, silver or black) give the container style and strength, best suited for premium products and presentation tubes. A seamed metal end creates a permanent seal. Embossing lids with custom designs is also possible.

Next: Plastic


Provides the most cost effective closure system and is available in a range of sizes and colours. For a more permanent closure, caps can be stapled or riveted.

Tell us about your project

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