Whatever your lifestyle product offers, with carefully printed and finished cardboard tube packaging you can give it a luxury, premium feel which instantly raises its perceived value. In turn, this can increase your profits. Encircle expertise in printing means that your creativity is the only limit when it comes to the design for your lifestyle product tube packaging.

From CBD oils to gadgets, when it comes to lifestyle products in tube packaging, know that you’re in safe hands. The material and long-established design mean that the products within have much more protection compared to your average box packaging.

All of our cardboard lifestyle packaging is made in the UK. It’s durable, recyclable, FSC approved and most importantly, bespoke to your brand. Encircle has a long history of working with both start-up and established brands, manufacturing and printing truly bespoke lifestyle packaging, all to enhance their brand.

Select one of the categories below to find out more about what Encircle can do for your lifestyle product brand.

CBD oil packaging

Bespoke tube packaging will add some character and personality to an alternative medicine product, such as CBD oil, whilst protecting it from external hazards such as impacts or pollutants.

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Essential oils packaging

Essential oils are a concentrated product, meaning the smallest amount of damage or leakage could render the whole product void. Cardboard tube packaging protects essential oils, helping to avoid spillage, whilst still showcasing their elegance and evoking emotions of relaxation and wellbeing.

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Gadgets packaging

Gadgets can contain a lot of fragile components or electronics and it’s important to keep them protected. Why not do this whilst attracting attention with unique and eye-catching packaging?

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