You can immediately raise the perceived value of any of your gift products by simply delivering beautiful, premium packaging. Whether you’re giving gifts or receiving them, the whole experience is so much better when it’s well-presented.

With a range of finishes and printing capabilities to take advantage of, Encircle can help display your gift product in its best light.

The material and long-established design mean that the products within have much more protection compared to your average gift packaging. Encircle has a long history of working with both start-ups and established businesses, manufacturing and printing truly bespoke food & drink cardboard tube packaging to enhance their brand.

Select one of the categories below to find out more about what Encircle can do for your brand.

Candles packaging

Candles are a popular and universally applicable gift and cylindrical cardboard tubes are the perfect packaging for them. They’re both economical and stylish and can be made to your desired dimensions.

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Reed Diffuser packaging

Cardboard tube packaging protects reed diffusers, helping to avoid spillage, whilst still showcasing their elegance and allure in a visual way.

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Bath oil packaging

Bath oils are intended to deliver both physical benefits and emotional ones, through relaxation and aromatherapy. Cardboard gift tube packaging allows you to evoke these feelings of relaxation before it’s even opened.

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Glassware packaging

Glassware is a particularly delicate product type that you’ll want to keep protected from crushing and impacts. At the same time, the packaging needs to be able to deliver the same elegance and wow factor as the product itself. This is why cylindrical cardboard tubes are perfect.

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